You can add remove servers to your On-Premise or OEM DaDesktop cloud.



Sync all sys info

Checks each server CPU, memory and other things and updates information in the database. This information is used when DaDesktop recommends server to users. Servers with more resources will be recommended first.

If you updated hardware, you can sync all servers or only one.

Please mind if your number of servers is more than 1000, this can take few minutes.

Change State (Suspend, Reinstate)

Suspend server when it is not accessible. This prevent DaDesktop GUI for checking the state of the server and its Desktops.

You may use it if server is not available due to malfunction.

Retiring Server

If you want to stop using specific server, you can put it into retire mode. This will prevent new desktops being created on this server. Existing desktops can be used or copied to different servers.