DaDesktop revolutionary technology brings you a highly interactive cloud based Training Room.

Join a course and all the materials will already have been set up on your own cloud machine. During the course the Trainer can see and take automatic control of all participant's cloud desktops and you will be able to learn in a style and at a pace that suits you.

Review the trainer slides by controlling them yourself. Be part of a Breakout room where you are not only separated by video and audio but you will then see the other participants' cloud machines and be able to interact on each other's desktops. Collaborate on exercises, labs or be part of a highly interactive workshop.


Remote, live instructor led courses are not passive, distant, isolating or lonely when you join a DaDesktop Training Room. Be part of an energetic, collaborative and highly interactive classroom wherever you are and experience just how effective remote learning can be with this revolutionary technology.

Your classroom, wherever you want IT

The impact of Covid19 is widespread and we recognize that learning from home is currently the safest, most affordable and most practical method.